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The CMA Dallas Conference 2024 Planning Committee needs your talents. All are welcome. 

Committee Responsibilities

Registration - Tracks digital enrollment of Attendees and Scholarship Recipients

Raffle - Coordinates ticket sales and secures items for raffles before and during the Conference

Marketing - Promotes the Conference and associated events by social media, email and announcements during in-person meetings

Volunteers - Recruits and organizes volunteers leading up to and during the conference

Fundraising - Brainstorms, plans and oversees all fundraising events/socials leading up to the Conference. Also secures donations.

Programming - Chooses the theme, creates workshops, and selects speakers for the Conference

Entertainment - Develops, produces, and coordinates all entertainment for the Conference weekend. Past events have included game nights, drag shows, and dances. New and out-of-the-box ideas are always welcome.

Swag - Brainstorms and recommends cool keepsakes like t-shirts, mugs, diva fans, etc., to capture the spirit of the Conference.

Decor & Hospitality - Oversees the attendee experience and decorates the conference venue according to the Conference theme. Also assist during fundraising events as needed.

Graphic Design & Website - Creates all graphics and artwork for marketing purposes, including social media, swag, flyers, posters, etc. Additionally, handles website maintenance and updates as required.

We're looking for team members for all committees.

Chair roles have already been filled for Fundraising, Raffle, Volunteer, Programming, Website/Graphic Design and Decor/Hospitality.

Are you interested in serving as the chair for your first choice?
Are you interested in serving as the chair for your second choice?
Are you interested in serving as the chair for your third choice?

Thank You!

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