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Romantic, Platonic, Both or Neither

You're finally sober and you're ready to explore sex/relationships. Not so fast, your Sponsor says to wait a year but your BFF's Sponsor says go balls-to-the-wall and have fun. Is it celibacy or pound town? Which option is right for you? Discover healthy ways to navigate your sane and sound sex ideal. Also includes a focus on app culture.


13th Stepping: To Fuck or Not To Fuck

"13th Stepping" is not endorsed by any official 12 Step group and refers to the situation where an individual with over a year of sobriety seeks to initiate a romantic involvement with someone who is new to the recovery process or has less than a year of sobriety. Why do these interactions occur? What's the harm? How do we make the rooms of recovery safe for the newcomer? Let's talk.

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BIPOC Affinity

BIPOC is a unifying identity label for people of color that also emphasizes the unique racial experiences of Black people and Indigenous people.


Representation, empowerment, and solidarity. Any and all who identify as BIPOC, as well as allies, are welcome at this meeting.


Straight Pepper Diet 101

BDSM, kink, and fetish...but then make it sober! A safe space intro to sane and sound exploration of your deepest desires.


Sound Bath: 11th Step Meditation Hour

Clear your mind, and find some presence, peace & relaxation via holographic sound healing. 

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Stickman: Breaking the Cycle

Stuck in the quicksand of addiction and unsure why? Join this workshop to recognize your patterns and build a ladder out.

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Energy Healing

Healing takes place as individuals work to reach a state of harmony between emotions, mind, and body. The body goes through an energetic shift as we work through psychological issues. Lead by Dr. Farnoosh Nouri, this session provides you with an introductory understanding of the process of emotional release through energy work and spiritual practices.


Dr. Farnoosh Nouri, a Clinical Assistant Professor at Southern Methodist University, has been a practicing psychotherapist for over 25 years. Farnoosh is the author of the book “So Long Depression”, editor of the Sufi Psychology Journal, and an international presenter on various topics related to mental health and spirituality in psychotherapy. 

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Sobriety Junior High

This one is for newcomers and repeat relapsers. During this hour, the focus will be on how to confidently claim your seat and pick up the welcome chip without fearing what those mean girls might think, all while holding your head up high.

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Recovery 2.0 Sponsoring

Unsure if you have what it takes or new to sponsoring? This workshop is for you. Learn how to live in Step 12 by share your experience, strength and hope with others.


Spiritual Kindergarten

Early recovery doesn't have to be lonely. By taking suggestions we learn new healthier ways to cope without drugs/alcohol. This Steps 1-3 workshop is focused on letting go of fear, developing faith, and the power of acceptance. 

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Level Up Your Life

Join us as we discuss how to grow and maintain sobriety in the real world of long-term sobriety.

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